Mama’s birth story

Birth of Quillan Max Lamoni Siever 23 April 2012
6 lbs 9 oz, 18.5 inches long

Quillan has been an active boy right from the start. I felt him earlier than any of the others and he literally hasn’t stopped since. Most especially around 11pm every night. Yes, every night. Let’s see how his first time out of the womb proceeds in that regard!

I really wanted our baby to be born as close to May as possible. Preferably in May. But this little guy had a different plan. First, on Saturday, we were at the temple and I have to wonder if this pushed him to come sooner rather than later. I know, not necessarily so, but with Aoibheann, it was similar. I went into labour with her the night after we were at the temple. I don’t know if it is wise for me to go to the temple so close to my due date! These babies get excited about coming asap, or something!

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Papa’s birth story


I’m starting to think going to the temple is a labour inducer.

The day Mary went into labour with Aoibheann, she and I had gone to the temple. With Quillan, who was born early yesterday morning, we had gone to the temple the day before (actually, one of the things we did there was have the marriage of my great great grandparents sealed for time and all eternity; they had immigrated to Canada from Austria).

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World, meet Quillan


Quillan Max Lamoni Siever was born at 01:35 on 23 April 2012. He weighed 3.03 kg and measured 47 cm long. His head was 33 cm.