Camping at Castle Falls

I took the three middle children—Regan, Aisling, and Aoibheann—camping to Castle Falls this weekend. The sites are first- come, first-served, so I took the day off in order to get their earlier than the after-work crowd.

We arrived shortly after noon and quickly set up camp.

Setting up camp

We did a bit of exploring, and came across the water source. Here is Regan pumping out water:

Regan getting water

We went for a bit of a hike, and found a great place to go swimming. It was pretty warm out, and we really wanted to cool off. Here we are hiking down to our spot:

Going to the falls

Here is what the river looked like from our swimming hole:

Castle River

The children a little apprehensive about getting into the very cold water:

Dipping toes

Regan after going all the way under:

Full immersion

This is as far as Aisling could make it:

Aisling to her waist

Aoibheann made it a bitter further:

Aoibheann to her waist

Regan skipping rocks:

Regan skipping rocks

We stopped off at the falls on the way back to the campsite:

Castle Falls

After supper, we took a trip down to the river, which was just a few dozen metres from our campsite:

Castle River

It started raining in the middle of night. There was even a lot of lightning and thunder, which was pretty cool when it lit up the tent. Anyhow, the rain didn’t let up, so we had to skip the pancakes we had planned, broke camp in the rain, and we had apples and trail mix for breakfast before heading home.

Packing up

Here’s the view on the way home.

Going home

It sure was a great time, and Mary fell in love with the site just by seeing the photos. She hopes to join us next year.