New job

I got a new job. I am the Communications Specialist for Truehope Nutritional Support. I do copywriting and oversee their social media properties. I am super excited about it. This is the sort of job I have been waiting years for.


I got parts in two films put on by New Media students as part of their film class. In The Necklace, I play the part of a disgruntled storeowner; it is only one line long. In horror film, House of Hobbes, I play the lead part of Calvin.

We finished up filming today. I am glad that’s done, but I enjoyed it. I look forward to the final projects.

We’re expecting again

We’re expecting another baby. Baby number 5 (well, six if you count Ravine) should be coming mid-spring. If the baby is a girl, we will probably call her Siobhan WIllow Grace Siever, and if the baby is a boy, we have picked Quillan Max Lamoni Siever.