Papa’s birth story


I’m starting to think going to the temple is a labour inducer.

The day Mary went into labour with Aoibheann, she and I had gone to the temple. With Quillan, who was born early yesterday morning, we had gone to the temple the day before (actually, one of the things we did there was have the marriage of my great great grandparents sealed for time and all eternity; they had immigrated to Canada from Austria).

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World, meet Quillan


Quillan Max Lamoni Siever was born at 01:35 on 23 April 2012. He weighed 3.03 kg and measured 47 cm long. His head was 33 cm.

We’re expecting again

We’re expecting another baby. Baby number 5 (well, six if you count Ravine) should be coming mid-spring. If the baby is a girl, we will probably call her Siobhan WIllow Grace Siever, and if the baby is a boy, we have picked Quillan Max Lamoni Siever.