My convocation

I started my university education in 1997. 15 years later (almost 16 if you count the last six months, when I wasn’t taking classes), I finally finished my classes. I convocated last week at the University of Lethbridge, receiving my Bachelor of Arts degree. I majored in drama and minored in French.

Here are some photos:

Waiting to pick up regalia

Number 248

Guess who's ready to graduate?


The hallway’s filling up.

It’s official. Kim Siever, B.A.

I wish more people understood this concept.

Member of the club now.

Just in case no one believed me




Next step, getting through graduate school, then getting Mary her bachelor’s degree.


I got parts in two films put on by New Media students as part of their film class. In The Necklace, I play the part of a disgruntled storeowner; it is only one line long. In horror film, House of Hobbes, I play the lead part of Calvin.

We finished up filming today. I am glad that’s done, but I enjoyed it. I look forward to the final projects.