1. Yearning for learning, but nothing is stirring; concerning the burning, the journey has halt.
  2. Churning and turning and swirling and whirling, discerning the hurting as church-led assault.
  3. Question the lesson or make a suggestion is seen as aggression—suppress in your sin.
  4. “Lessen oppression, and stop the digression. Just standard expression and whitewash-ed spin.”
  5. Lonely and coldly, am sitting remotely, abandoned so slowly, in shadows I wait.
  6. Wholly unholy, now only a phoney, and no one still knows me, a plateaued deflate.
  7. Listen for bliss—am just missin’ the kissin’ of spirited fixin’ my paradigm shift.
  8. Christen the ship and dismissin’ the tricks and the politics mix; yet am feeling the sift.

2 Replies to “Yearning”

  1. I love how your poetry supports an outlet for speaking about “such things”. My own faith crisis is an ongoing evolution…a sacred dance where I am finding truth and conviction when I voice my concerns and question the current status quo. My actions may eventually have severe consequences as I attempt to stay true to my core principles and refuse to be subject to the “approved practice” that conflicts with them.

    1. Severe consequences are a definite risk. I’m pretty lucky having the leadership I do, but it can’t last forever.

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