A Mother There

  1. The cool, gentle breeze, my tousling your hair.
  2. The silence of night, my calming your cares.
  3. The bubbling of brooks, my chuckling laugh.
  4. The falling of rain, my giving you bath.
  5. The crashing of surf, my humming to rest.
  6. The soft fallen snow, my dear heart expressed.
  7. The mountains so grand, my strength in defense.
  8. The rainbow so clear, my diverse love blend.
  9. The colours of dawn, my courage so brave.
  10. The swaying of boughs, my comforting wave.
  11. The thunder so strong, my clap in delight.
  12. The stars of black sky, my protective might.
  13. The warmth of the sun, my kiss on your brow.
  14. The sound of the leaves, my whispered sure vow:
  15. That though you forget, my child so dear,
  16. All these remind you that mother is here.

Listen to me read this poem:

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4 Replies to “A Mother There”

      1. Did you post it on a certain closed facebook? I may have seen it. But heck, poems are meant to be read and re-read and then read again, so yes! I’d love to read it.

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