Ashes to Ashes

  1. Thrown into the fire, and what remained was charred.
  2. Tossed onto the pyre, before the angel guard.
  3. Gold nor silver waiting; just dross consumed by flame.
  4. Fining pot ablating, now only ash remain.
  5. Dust lay still and silent, untouched by trump or key.
  6. Arm of flesh not stirring, no tongue or bow-ed knee.
  7. Then a hand thrust downward, into the ash, a pole,
  8. Forming a new creature, breathed into it a soul.

Rainbow Tears

  1. Roses drip as trembling lip longs for the words to say.
  2. Embers hide the pain inside from fasting, reading, pray.
  3. Sunshine streams from horrid dreams of nowhere left to go.
  4. Clover struck by mournful luck and nowhere left to grow.
  5. Azure skies with teary eyes stare at the door now locked.
  6. Lilacs weep at wounds so deep, love and compassion blocked.

Four Trees

  1. Once there was an orchard small of four trees in a row.
  2. Planted by a gardener, from seedlings she did grow.
  3. Nurtured, pruned, and shepherded, a sight now to behold,
  4. Underneath their branches wide, four stories did unfold.
  5. Fruit upon the first was dark and light and soursweet.
  6. Life bestowed for years on end till children wisdom eat.
  7. Blossomed mind but death inside with flame and blade depart.
  8. Memories are buried deep, replaced by broken heart.
  9. Second tree bore bitter fruit, a painful, bloody red.
  10. Nurtured by the root of kings through weighted vine and bread.
  11. Gardener in garden dark donating strength to will,
  12. Straightening the woollen back, the harder coming still.
  13. Third tree bare, stripped of its leaves, its shadow growing more,
  14. Howling winds and lightning flash along with thunder’s roar.
  15. Piercing fruit falls to the ground, causing trembling quake.
  16. Friends and family, followers, and everyone forsake.
  17. Honey fruit on number four was beck’ning from the page,
  18. Turning keys within the locks to free the prayers from cage.
  19. Once again, the gardener loomed, but this time all ablaze.
  20. With a motion of her hand, she opened heaven’s rays.

Tiny Mites

  1. Stealing from a beggar’s hat to donate to a mall.
  2. Taking from a refugee to toss around a ball.
  3. Empt’ing off a child’s fork to protest rainbow bills.
  4. Rip away a leaky roof for scrip and purse to fill.
  5. Hide away the homeless tents to fly around the world.
  6. Bury deep hospital beds to sever boy and girl.
  7. Burning books of the unread for deadly pox uncease.
  8. Counting coins and tiny mites to watch the fading peace.

Hear My Voice

  1. Queen of Heaven, hear my voice.
  2. Purge my ears of all this noise.
  3. Hear the words rise from my mouth.
  4. Grant relief to quench this drought.
  5. God of Sarah, fill my soul.
  6. Send your breath to patch this hole.
  7. Cleanse my lips with glowing coal
  8. Of the truths whitewashed I’ve told.
  9. God of ’Becca, burn my eyes
  10. Of the pictures stored inside,
  11. Of deception and the lies,
  12. Of the promised fading prize.
  13. God of Rachel, ’midst this doubt,
  14. Plant a seed, that it may sprout;
  15. With your grove, my forehead moist,
  16. Help your servant in my choice.

Bubble Washing

  1. Tokens and handshakes to cut off the tongue.
  2. Pull out the ladder and destroy the rungs.
  3. Lock up the lectern and turn off the mic.
  4. Whitewash the bubbles and keep the guys tight.
  5. Speak to the forest but no chirp or hum.
  6. Expel the water and vanish wisdom.
  7. Hoist up the arrow and ignore the cross.
  8. Tread on the garments, and burn out the dross.
  9. Churn out the dictates from duplicate mold:
  10. Pages of zircon and parrots of gold.
  11. Lips made of zipper and teeth made of lead.
  12. Long live the silence and ignore the dead.

Buried Treasure

  1. Treasure hidden deep within the fog, so thick and young.
  2. Guided by the music sweet of moistened lip and tongue,
  3. Beckoning with whispered pleas, alluring tender heart.
  4. Frosty palms and weakened knees no longer could depart.
  5. Lo, an emerald box is found amidst the mountain base.
  6. Call and search entwined and bound, the emerald box replaced
  7. By a box of fleshy lust unlocked with wooden key.
  8. Empty contents to entrust, transcend reality.
  9. It became apparent quick the treasure would elude.
  10. It was deep ’neath layers thick, much needed to extrude.
  11. Rich it flows and courses in the veins that eyes can’t see,
  12. Far below the porcelain and the mahogany.
  13. Golden footings, cornerstones; silver lights ahead;
  14. Diamond rooting, long since grown; ruby strength embed.
  15. Forged by flame of grief and pain, molded by joy and peace;
  16. Purified through loss and gain—its worth to never cease.

Listen to me read and explain my poem:

Clean again

  1. Standing in my grave, grey clouds all around.
  2. Life of signs and keys, with me in the ground.
  3. Shiver in the cold, blinded by the dark;
  4. Silenced voice and soul; empty, lifeless heart.
  5. Then I feel a drop fall upon my brow,
  6. Second, and a third—downpour on me now.
  7. Rain washes away caked-on grief and pain;
  8. As the raindrops cease, I’m made clean again.
  9. Ling’ring on the air, scent of wash-ed earth;
  10. Blossoms from the trees, fruit before their birth:
  11. Drifting through my lungs, richen every breath,
  12. Cleanse inside my soul; life replacing death.
  13. Mighty came the tongues rushing through the trees,
  14. Whirling ’round me now, mitigating breeze.
  15. Wind whips through my hair, wicks away the rain,
  16. Wraps my body whole, comforts and ordains.
  17. Sun upon my face, close my eyes to bask.
  18. Burning, tingling rays melt away the mask.
  19. Dipped in flaming pow’r. Dove perched on my heart.
  20. Wave goodbye to end, turn around to start.

Listen to me read my poem and explain its symbolism:

A Mother’s Touch

  1. I walked with my first daughter midst life and knowledge grown
  2. To teach her truth and wisdom and lessons never known.
  3. I watched with anxious hoping as she took her first bite,
  4. Then under blade aflaming, I said my last goodbye.
  5. I sat there with the handmaid to calm her troubled heart,
  6. Allay her casted thinking, her fears to all depart.
  7. She could not see nor hear me; I reached inside her soul.
  8. For soon she’d hold my baby, and we would share a role.
  9. He stood in nurtured waters; I waited up above.
  10. By Grace, entombed and risen, and I sent down a dove.
  11. With still, small voice of whisper, I solemnly decreed:
  12. This is my son beloved, in whom I am well pleased.
  13. I beckoned from the pages to come into the grove
  14. The singing and the buzzing, his knees to them they drove.
  15. Within the fire column, I hovered as the sun.
  16. “Dear Joseph—My Beloved; hear counsel from my son.”

Listen to me read this poem and explain the symbolism and imagery:


  1. Whispering of trees
  2. Chattering of leaves
  3. Wandering of breeze
  4. Portending of freeze
  5. Lengthening of sleeves
  6. Darkening of eves
  7. Dwindling of weeds
  8. Burrowing of seeds
  9. Orange so deep
  10. Fireplace keep
  11. Blustery sweep
  12. Frost and chill creep
  13. Blistering weep
  14. Harvested reap
  15. Quieted peep
  16. Yawning to sleep

Listen to me read this poem:

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