Ashes to Ashes

  1. Thrown into the fire, and what remained was charred.
  2. Tossed onto the pyre, before the angel guard.
  3. Gold nor silver waiting; just dross consumed by flame.
  4. Fining pot ablating, now only ash remain.
  5. Dust lay still and silent, untouched by trump or key.
  6. Arm of flesh not stirring, no tongue or bow-ed knee.
  7. Then a hand thrust downward, into the ash, a pole,
  8. Forming a new creature, breathed into it a soul.

Tiny Mites

  1. Stealing from a beggar’s hat to donate to a mall.
  2. Taking from a refugee to toss around a ball.
  3. Empt’ing off a child’s fork to protest rainbow bills.
  4. Rip away a leaky roof for scrip and purse to fill.
  5. Hide away the homeless tents to fly around the world.
  6. Bury deep hospital beds to sever boy and girl.
  7. Burning books of the unread for deadly pox uncease.
  8. Counting coins and tiny mites to watch the fading peace.

Bubble Washing

  1. Tokens and handshakes to cut off the tongue.
  2. Pull out the ladder and destroy the rungs.
  3. Lock up the lectern and turn off the mic.
  4. Whitewash the bubbles and keep the guys tight.
  5. Speak to the forest but no chirp or hum.
  6. Expel the water and vanish wisdom.
  7. Hoist up the arrow and ignore the cross.
  8. Tread on the garments, and burn out the dross.
  9. Churn out the dictates from duplicate mold:
  10. Pages of zircon and parrots of gold.
  11. Lips made of zipper and teeth made of lead.
  12. Long live the silence and ignore the dead.

Clean again

  1. Standing in my grave, grey clouds all around.
  2. Life of signs and keys, with me in the ground.
  3. Shiver in the cold, blinded by the dark;
  4. Silenced voice and soul; empty, lifeless heart.
  5. Then I feel a drop fall upon my brow,
  6. Second, and a third—downpour on me now.
  7. Rain washes away caked-on grief and pain;
  8. As the raindrops cease, I’m made clean again.
  9. Ling’ring on the air, scent of wash-ed earth;
  10. Blossoms from the trees, fruit before their birth:
  11. Drifting through my lungs, richen every breath,
  12. Cleanse inside my soul; life replacing death.
  13. Mighty came the tongues rushing through the trees,
  14. Whirling ’round me now, mitigating breeze.
  15. Wind whips through my hair, wicks away the rain,
  16. Wraps my body whole, comforts and ordains.
  17. Sun upon my face, close my eyes to bask.
  18. Burning, tingling rays melt away the mask.
  19. Dipped in flaming pow’r. Dove perched on my heart.
  20. Wave goodbye to end, turn around to start.

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Golden Falls

  1. The bellowed roar of golden falls has since become a drop
  2. That echoes through the empty cave that once filled to the top,
  3. Then rainbows pierced the cavern walls and drained the lake near dry.
  4. And now the houred drip can’t fill the empty storeys high.
  5. But through the holes left in the wall, a butterfly did come,
  6. And then a crow, and then a bee, and then a growing hum.
  7. Just seconds pass until the cave is filled with vibrant life.
  8. Now flocks of butterflies fill up the space where water rifed,
  9. And hymns of countless flying crows are roaring through the cave,
  10. While swarms of sweetly smelling bees soar black and yellow waves.
  11. The sun sends rays of pink and red and fiery orange, too,
  12. Straight through the holy apertures where wing and talon flew.
  13. The soul ablaze with sounds and sights of nature unrestrained,
  14. Baptized with light from sun and moon and twinkling stars unchained.
  15. Where once the golden lake had stood, the dusty words had fed,
  16. Is filling up with welcomed sounds of shining life instead.

Listen to me read this poem:

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Down the Hatch

  1. Doubt your doubts, and dull your pain; another shot of prayer.
  2. Fear your fears, and drown your ache; a pint of scripture share.
  3. Strain your strain, and slosh your sting; a flask of fasting true.
  4. Hurt your hurt, and quaff your grief; a swig of signs renewed.

Broken bones

  1. Mask to wear and rules to keep.
  2. Cross to bear but buried deep.
  3. Helping hand just slapped aside.
  4. Burning light in shadows hide.
  5. Welcomed guests but cloned from mold.
  6. See the hearth from out in cold.
  7. Words and tongues, and growls and groans,
  8. Sticks and stones, and broken bones.
  9. Misshaped heart that does not fit.
  10. Echoed silence, e’er I sit.

Sipping tea

  1. Patty cake and taffy pull.
  2. Cotton candy, marshmallow.
  3. Tastebud tempting, hunger pangs.
  4. Chomping air with razor fangs.
  5. Crouched within the starting block,
  6. Dusting palms with lifter chalk.
  7. Ready for the gruelling feat.
  8. Stuck instead with sipping tea.


  1. Yearning for learning, but nothing is stirring; concerning the burning, the journey has halt.
  2. Churning and turning and swirling and whirling, discerning the hurting as church-led assault.
  3. Question the lesson or make a suggestion is seen as aggression—suppress in your sin.
  4. “Lessen oppression, and stop the digression. Just standard expression and whitewash-ed spin.”
  5. Lonely and coldly, am sitting remotely, abandoned so slowly, in shadows I wait.
  6. Wholly unholy, now only a phoney, and no one still knows me, a plateaued deflate.
  7. Listen for bliss—am just missin’ the kissin’ of spirited fixin’ my paradigm shift.
  8. Christen the ship and dismissin’ the tricks and the politics mix; yet am feeling the sift.


  1. Implicitly, complicit he perpetuates toxicity;
  2. He balks the talk while talks the talk because for him, talk is the tea.
  3. The fingernail a wrist impales while signs inhale and oaths exhale,
  4. “Or shall it be morality,” he asks as he tears at the veil.
  5. He treats his keys like vile disease, dismantling, yet still appease.
  6. He’s channelling a balancing between the charge and the reprise.
  7. Does he suppose that to oppose or, too, expose what no one knows
  8. Will bring him rest from this protest, at last be blessed with a repose?
  9. Yet clinging on, the singing gone, he still can hear the ringing yon,
  10. So fighting will and writing still, a dwindling hope still bringing dawn.
  11. Two worlds collide, the soul divide. To merge? To purge? It‘s all untried.
  12. Abandon one? Demandin’ one? One thing’s for sure. They will collide.