I’m the new LRNA president.

After a pretty engaging first hour at the London Road Neighbourhood Association annual general meeting last night, someone nominated me during the election of president. The incumbent let her name stand and another person was also nominated. It turned out that despite three of us running, most people voted for me.

I’m the new president of the London Road Neighbourhood Association.

My first term is two years, after which the position will be up for election, and I can let my name stand again. This will be an interesting two years, and it’s already been a busy 24 hours as I have fielded emails, phone calls, and social media post.

I’m excited regardless and up for the challenge. 🙂

We helped bring water to 850 people

Last year, I asked people to forgo birthday presents and instead help me raise money to help fund project to provide clean drinking water to communities in developing nations. Together, we raised nearly $600.

I received an email with an update on where our money went. We have helped fund two projects in Ethiopia, Edagabir Village and Mai Kumel Village, both of which were completed this month. Because of your decision to help me raise this money, we have helped 850 people have access to clean, fresh, easily accessible water.

Be sure to check out the individual project pages to see where your exact donation went to.

Thank you everyone for making this possible. This gives me a happy heart.