Down the Hatch

  1. Doubt your doubts, and dull your pain; another shot of prayer.
  2. Fear your fears, and drown your ache; a pint of scripture share.
  3. Strain your strain, and slosh your sting; a flask of fasting true.
  4. Hurt your hurt, and quaff your grief; a swig of signs renewed.


  1. Show up to the protest, but put away your sign.
  2. Shuffle to the shadows, perhaps another time.
  3. Mouth closed with a zipper, your hands behind your back.
  4. Step in line with others, responding to the crack.
  5. Spirit—eager, willing—is anchored to the floor.
  6. Heart so filled with justice is tucked into a drawer.
  7. Marching to the music, in place, but knees up high.
  8. Stuck in your small prison; your children walk on by.

Broken bones

  1. Mask to wear and rules to keep.
  2. Cross to bear but buried deep.
  3. Helping hand just slapped aside.
  4. Burning light in shadows hide.
  5. Welcomed guests but cloned from mold.
  6. See the hearth from out in cold.
  7. Words and tongues, and growls and groans,
  8. Sticks and stones, and broken bones.
  9. Misshaped heart that does not fit.
  10. Echoed silence, e’er I sit.

Sipping tea

  1. Patty cake and taffy pull.
  2. Cotton candy, marshmallow.
  3. Tastebud tempting, hunger pangs.
  4. Chomping air with razor fangs.
  5. Crouched within the starting block,
  6. Dusting palms with lifter chalk.
  7. Ready for the gruelling feat.
  8. Stuck instead with sipping tea.


  1. Yearning for learning, but nothing is stirring; concerning the burning, the journey has halt.
  2. Churning and turning and swirling and whirling, discerning the hurting as church-led assault.
  3. Question the lesson or make a suggestion is seen as aggression—suppress in your sin.
  4. “Lessen oppression, and stop the digression. Just standard expression and whitewash-ed spin.”
  5. Lonely and coldly, am sitting remotely, abandoned so slowly, in shadows I wait.
  6. Wholly unholy, now only a phoney, and no one still knows me, a plateaued deflate.
  7. Listen for bliss—am just missin’ the kissin’ of spirited fixin’ my paradigm shift.
  8. Christen the ship and dismissin’ the tricks and the politics mix; yet am feeling the sift.


  1. Implicitly, complicit he perpetuates toxicity;
  2. He balks the talk while talks the talk because for him, talk is the tea.
  3. The fingernail a wrist impales while signs inhale and oaths exhale,
  4. “Or shall it be morality,” he asks as he tears at the veil.
  5. He treats his keys like vile disease, dismantling, yet still appease.
  6. He’s channelling a balancing between the charge and the reprise.
  7. Does he suppose that to oppose or, too, expose what no one knows
  8. Will bring him rest from this protest, at last be blessed with a repose?
  9. Yet clinging on, the singing gone, he still can hear the ringing yon,
  10. So fighting will and writing still, a dwindling hope still bringing dawn.
  11. Two worlds collide, the soul divide. To merge? To purge? It‘s all untried.
  12. Abandon one? Demandin’ one? One thing’s for sure. They will collide.


  1. Once was filled with life; now lifeless.
  2. Pearl of great price became priceless.
  3. Saved by Christ, but now just Christless.
  4. Tepid now, but once was righteous.
  5. Shadows dwell, replacing brightness.
  6. Blind, then saw; again am sightless.
  7. Freedom reigned, deposed by tightness.
  8. Spirit soared; today is flightless.

Sweet Liberty

  1. Snowy scales and cages brown.
  2. Hungry mouths, all chained and drowned.
  3. Plants at war don’t trickle down.
  4. Badges blue: the goons of crown.
  5. Lipsticked pigs in tux and gown
  6. Eat the trash, and own the town,
  7. Whip the slaves for buck and pound,
  8. Burn the trees, and suck the ground.
  9. Rainbow pins but silent sound.
  10. Fight the man, erase the brown.
  11. Stand together, gender bound
  12. Well, until the junk is found.
  13. Break the scales, the cages free.
  14. Feed the mouths, fished from the sea.
  15. Grow the plants, the bacon squee.
  16. Steal the whips, make masters plea,
  17. Flip their trough, and smash their peace.
  18. Guard the ground, protect the trees.
  19. Rainbows strong, together we
  20. Fight the man, the brown now see.
  21. Now to act, time’s passed for speech.
  22. Bring across and help them pee.
  23. Bell has rung, now class will flee.
  24. Time to take sweet liberty.