Aoibheann’s FAQs

Is she a good baby?
She’s not lying, stealing or killing, so, yeah, I guess she is a good baby.
What do you mean there was no outside help?
There was no doctor, midwife, or other labour support present during her labour and delivery. The only people in attendance were Mary, Kim, Sinéad, Regan, and Aisling; although the last three were sleeping.
Was this planned?
How do you pronounce her name?
Here is her name written in the International Phonetic Alphabet:iv·in bɹi hɑl·li

Or you can try this phonics version:Aoibheann



Same pronunciation as the cheese (i.e. Brie)


Same pronunciation as the flower.

Where did you get the names?
It’s a tradition for us to use Irish first names, and Aoibhean was one we both liked. Bree is a name we simply liked. We wanted to pick a flower name, and finally agreed on Holly..
What are the stats of her birth?
She was born 03:38, 1 March 2009. She weighed 3005 grams (3 kg), roughly 6 lbs 10 oz. She measured at 48 cm in length, roughly 19 inches. Her head’s circumference was an average 33 cm (13 in).

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