Regan’s FAQs

When are you going to put a picture of him online?
We’ve read studies which suggest that flash-assisted photographs taken before seven months of age may harm an infant’s developing eyes. We will post a photo of Regan after seven months. Sooner if we can get a photograph taken outside.
What do you mean there was no outside help?
There was no doctor, midwife, or other labour support present during her labour and delivery. The only people in attendance were Mary, Kim, and Sinéad.
Was this planned?
How do you pronounce his name?
phonics version:Regan

re – [like bee with an r]
gan – [like bin with a hard g]


Alexander is a common name. No pronunciation here.


ne – [like knee]
phi – [like fi as in hi-fi]

Or you can try an aural version (WAV, 47.5k).
Where did you get the names?
Regan is Irish for “little king.” Kim’s first name means “chief or ruler” and we thought this seemed to fit. Alexander is a name we simply liked. Nephi is a prophet in the Book of Mormon.
What are the stats of his birth?
He was born 1804, 09 April 2001. The next morning, he weighed in at 2693 grams (2.69 kg), which converted roughly to 5lb 15oz. He was measured at 48cm, or roughly 19 inches in length. His head’s circumference was an average 13.5 inches.
Is Regan’s name pronounced like Ronald Reagan’s last name?
No. His name is pronounced with a long “e” sound rather than a long “a” sound.

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