Sinéad FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Sinéad – herself and her birth

When are you going to put a picture of her online?
Well after 15.5 months, we finally were able to do it (thanks very much to her Nana & Papa). You can view her picture by going to herindex page.
What do you mean there was no outside help?
There was no doctor, midwife, or other labour support present during her labour and delivery. The only people in attendance were Mary, Kim, and Sinéad (but she joined us later).
Was this planned?
Yes. The home-birth had been planned before we had wanted it unassisted. The decision, however, to actually have an unassisted birth wasn’t made until the week previous to her birth when Kim &Mary discovered that because their midwife was not registered, she could be prosecuted if she delivered the baby. The planning, on the other hand, had been started years before.
How do you pronounce her name?
Here is a GIF version of her name written in the International Phonetic Alphabet:Sinéad's Name
Or you can try this phonics version:Sinéadsin – [like shin]
éad – [like aid]Pronounced like Sinéad O’Conner’s first name.


aur – [like or]
or – [like or]
a – [like a]
Pronounced just like the aurora borealis.


fève – [like bev, with an f]

Or you can try an aural version (52.5k).
Where did you get the names?
Mary spent a year in Ireland a few years ago, and Sinéad is a very popular name there. Aurora reminds us of the Aurora Borealis. When Mary got her first ultrasound, Sinéad looked like a little bean, and we even called her a little bean a few times. Fève is French for bean.
What are the stats of her birth?
She was born 0855, 12 January 1999. Four hours later, she weighed in at 3580 grams (3.58 kg), which converted roughly to 7 lb 14oz. She was measured at 50 cm, or roughly 19.75 inches in length. Her head’s circumference as an average 14 inches.
Is the “d” at the end of “Sinéad” silent?
No. Her name is Sinéad, not Shenae.

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