How we met

Kim had returned from his two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (served in the Utah Provo Mission), and about a month after returning home, he came to the Young Single Adult (YSA) Branch in Vancouver with hopes of finding a wife. The first day was 4 December, 1994. After the services, and while standing in line for the traditional monthly potluck supper served the first Sunday of each month at “the Branch”, Mary, for no apparent reason turned around and introduced herself to the man standing behind her, “Hi, my name is Mary Golbeck.” The 21-year-old replied in a supposedly austere and emotion-free voice, “Hello, I’m Kim Siever.”

After a couple of comments regarding Mary’s Poem “A Child in the Fog,” which was published in that month’s newsletter of the Branch, not much was spoken between the two, and supper was eaten with others at different tables.

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