Our first date

The next day (Sunday), after the general session of stake conference, Mary invited Kim, his brother Jody, and Mark Hardy over for supper that night. She was cooking a whole chicken. Kim was trying to co-ordinate the transportation with Mark Hardy all night because only Mark had an available car. Around 8 o’clock or so, Mark said he would not be able to make it. For the 2nd time that night, Kim had to phone Mary, but this time to tell her they wouldn’t be coming because Mark wasn’t able to go. “There goes the chicken,” Kim thought. He felt bad for all that wasted food, and still feels bad today.

Well, Kim decided to phone a third time a few minutes later, and asked her, “Are you doing anything this Saturday?”


“Want to get together and do something?”


They agreed on a time. Saturday (Feb 4th) came, and Kim took Mary to the Old Spaghetti factory in historic Gastown in downtown Vancouver. After waiting 45 minutes while watching reruns of the Little Rascals, they were finally seated. Expense was not spared, and they enjoyed a lovely meal.

On the bus ride home, Kim kept prying Mary with questions regarding topics like, “How many children do you want?” “If you were to meet the perfect man right now, when do you think would be the earliest you would get married?” Questions, to determine if she was right for him. Of course, he never came right out and said he was interested in her.

They went inside Mary’s place (it was shared with three roommates) and talked. About an hour or two was spent trying to get Mary to admit she liked Kim. It was a well-known fact that she liked someone in the ward, but she would not say who it was. The only thing she said was that Kim could see who it was if that person sat with her in church the next day.

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