Our timeline

British Columbia

10 Nov 1994 – Kim arrived home from his mission, and was released from his calling as a missionary at 20:00 by Alan Herrington, first counsellor in the Surrey BC Stake presidency – who helped set him apart as a missionary.

04 Dec 1994 – Mary and Kim met for the first time at a potluck supper held at the Vancouver 3rd Branch – a Young Single Adult congregation.

29 Jan 1995 – Kim asked Mary out on their first date.

04 Feb 1995 – Kim and Mary had their only non-committed date at the Old Spaghetti Factory.

05 Feb 1995 – Kim and Mary began to go steady.

11 Feb 1995 – Kim and Mary went on their second date. This one was a committed date.

15 Feb 1995 – Kim and Mary were unofficially engaged.

18 Feb 1995 – Kim and Mary were officially engaged.

05 May 1995 – Kim and Mary were officially married.

20 May 1996 – Kim and Mary lost their first baby, Ravine Meadow Reine, at nearly three months into the pregnancy.

03 Sep 1997 – Kim started his post-secondary schooling at Douglas College in New Westminster.

09 Mar 1998 – Kim was accepted at the University of Lethbridge (Alberta), and plans began to make the move in summer of 1998.

19 May 1998 – Kim and Mary discovered they were expecting their second child.

27 Jun 1998 – Kim and Mary left Surrey for Lethbridge.


16 Sep 1998 – Kim and Mary started a home-based business called Siever Resources.

12 Jan 1999 – Sinéad Aurora Fève was born at 08:55.

Aug 1999 – Moved out of university housing into a duplex down the street.

Sep 1999 – Kim dropped out of school.

May 2000 – Kim enrolled in the Multimedia Production programme at the Lethbridge Community College.

09 Apr 2001 – Regan Alexander Nephi was born at 18:04.

30 Jul 2001 – Kim and Mary purchased a car – a white 1985 Dodge Diplomat.

07 May 2001 – Kim finished his course work at LCC and began a practicum maintaining a website for the U of L’s Faculty of Management.

June 2001 – Kim elected as first president of the Southern Alberta New Media Association.

17 Aug 2001 – Kim decided to run for municipal politics. He’s third out of 35 to announce his candidacy for one of eight aldermanic positions in Lethbridge.

31 Aug 2001 – Kim finished his practicum, but the U of L kept him on while they sort out the creation of a new position.

15 Oct 2001 – Kim’s 946 votes were insufficient to help win him a seat on council.

19 Nov 2001 – Kim was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Allied Arts Council of Lethbridge.

15 Dec 2001 – Kim received his diploma in multimedia production from Lethbridge Community College.

17 Dec 2001 – Kim was officially hired on as a full-time employee at the U of L.

06 Feb 2002 – Kim was approved for a business licence for his graphic and website design company Panorama Designs. Mary is also working to get a business started called Whole Mother Birth Services.

24 Apr 2002 – Mary paid for the developmental fee for Whole Mother Birth Services. She is getting financing to purchase the rest of the business licence.

29 Apr 2002 – Kim received a letter saying that his application to joinMensa had been accepted and his membership would take effect once the annual dues had been paid.

15 Jun 2002 – After living for four years in West Lethbridge, we moved to a house just south of downtown.

02 Dec 2002 – Kim resigned from the Allied Arts Council Board of Directors.

16 Jun 2003 – We purchased a blue 1985 Suburban because our Diplomat broke down.

22 Jan 2005 – We confirmed that we were expecting another baby.

01 Feb 2005 – We purchased a grey 2002 Ford Windstar. We were having too many vehicle problems with the Suburban over the winter.

29 Sep 2005 – Aisling Elisabeth Winter was born at 17:23.

26 Oct 2005 – We bought our first house.

27 Jan 2007 – Sinéad is baptized.

Feb 2008 – Kim takes a seat again on the Allied Arts Council Board of Directors.

27 Jun 2008 – We confirmed we are expecting another baby. After nearly three years since Aisling was born, we are very excited.

Feb 2009 – We went on a week-long trip to Hawaii with Kim’s mum, as well as his two brother Jody and Douglas and their families.

1 Mar 2009 – Aoibheann Bree Holly Siever was born 03:38, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Details to follow.

11 Mar 2009 – Regan is baptised.

7 Apr 2010 – Kim was laid off from the University of Lethbridge

9 Nov 2010 – Kim was hired by H&R Transport as a fleet manager.

1 May 2011 – Kim left H&R to go back to university to complete his bachelor’s degree.

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  1. Hi Kim & Mary,
    I noticed Mary’s review of A Western Christmas Carol on Amazon.com and decided to say hello and bring you up to date. In 2005 I married Serenity Borrowman in the Salt Lake Temple, and we are very happy.We moved to Qualicum Beach in 2009, where I am now serving as the branch president. Serenity is stake Young Women’s president, so we are both busy.. Over the past years four of my novels have been published, three by Covenant and one by Cedar Fort. I’ve also written six more Westerns. All seven are now on Amazon’s Kindle site. Attached is a compimentary copy of one of them–another Christmas story. If you like it, please give it a rating on Amazon, and if you have the time a brief review would be great. We recently had a visit from Harv and Wendy Falk of Lethbridge. Do you know them?
    Kindest personal regards.

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