Snagging Rainbows

  1. Hiding in plain sunlight while sifting through the sky,
  2. Looking for the rainbows as heaven has a cry.
  3. Snagging them with morals, ignoring all the pain;
  4. Pushing them through prisms to make them white again.
  5. There’s no coloured sunshine; we’re all offspring of God.
  6. Hospital for sinners, but you’re the one who’s flawed.
  7. Wash your clothes of crimson with mission and a ring
  8. Frying eggs while naked and pick a hymn to sing.
  9. Casting out your children and use them as a goat;
  10. It’s because we love them we overlook our mote.
  11. Prayer and scripture study will wash away your sins
  12. Off your flags and banners and shiny rainbow pins.

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